Summer Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

“Summertime is always the best of what might be.” —Charles Bowden

For many people summer is synonymous with pools, popsicles, road trips, and sweltering temperatures. For advertisers it means that as the temperatures heat up, so do your advertising plans. We know that summer means vacation, but we’re here to give you and your small business a few easy marketing tips to help ensure that your business stays cool all summer long.

  1. Plan For The Holidays

First things first, consider all the holidays you will be faced with during the summer and plan for them. We’re talking about Independence Day, Labor Day, even Father’s Day! Holiday weekends such as these are the perfect time to join in on the often-popular holiday sales. Get your company’s name out there and attract customers by joining in on said sales. Make sure you create digital and physical marketing materials that are relevant to each holiday’s theme.

  1. Host a Giveaway

People love a giveaway. It’s a proven fact. We know that as business owners you may get tired of hearing this marketing strategy, but the reason it is suggested so frequently is because it works! Hosting a giveaway is the perfect way to get people excited about your business and get them to interact with you.

For a summer giveaway specifically, try to play off the summer theme. Consider giving away concert tickets, passes to a waterpark, or even baseball tickets. Whatever it is, it is a great idea to incorporate the summer theme into the giveaway.

  1. Hold a Contest

Competitive nature runs rampant in the summer. Between baseball season, NBA Finals, and the Stanley Cup, the nation is collectively glued to their televisions watching and rooting. That’s why hosting your own contents is a great way to play on that competitive nature in a fun and creative way.

With social media, hosting contests for your businesses have become much easier in recent years. You can simply do a ‘Caption This’ contest, and the best caption wins. Yes…it’s that easy! Of course you can get much more creative with your contests, but the idea behind this tactic is that it’s a simple and effective approach to bringing attention to you and your business.

  1. Target the Vacation Crowd

This tip may be for a more niche audience, but it is one worth mentioning. If your business is located in a place where tourists often flock during the summer, then you should find a way to bring them into your business. You can do this by running Facebook Ads that target areas outside your location. You can even use SEO so that when tourists are searching for a place to go, you are top of mind and top of the search results.

  1. Attend Networking & Business Events

Attending these events for your business should be a year round thing, but it’s something that people frequently neglect during the summer. We know you’re busy during this time of the year, but you never know what potential client, customer, or mentor you may meet by attending one of these events. 

Summer may already be under way, but that doesn’t mean you’re behind. Follow these tips for your business to help stay on track all season long.

What tactic are your trying for your business this summer?


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