Apps You Shouldn’t Be Sleeping On

Canva and Pinterest and Asana…Oh. My!

What would you say to me if I told you that right now there are internet applications out there that you are sleeping on? Apps that can help unlock creativity. Apps that can help keep you on schedule. Even apps that give you an inside look into your business’s social media pages. What would you say?

As a Social Media Manager, I have a lot going on throughout the day. With such a busy schedule, it is essential for me to stay organized in every way possible. That’s where various internet applications come in. In my day-to-day life, I use 4-5 core apps that help me get through my day and complete my job to the best of my abilities. What are these apps? Well buckle up. We’re about to dive in.

  1. Canva

It feels like just yesterday that Canva was coming about and was the marketing world’s best kept little secret, but it is now turning into one of the most widely used graphic design platforms in the world. Originating in Australia in 2012, Canva has seen record growth in the last few years. What makes it so special? You can create anything…yes anything on Canva! From To-Do Lists, to social graphics, to t-shirts and beyond, Canva is where it’s at, and I can honestly say it has saved me in more instances than one.

  1. Adobe Creative Cloud Express

The app previously known as Adobe Spark has been a huge help to me in both my academic and my professional career. Much like Canva, Adobe Express gives creators the ability to create captivating graphics, videos, and other design elements from templates, rather than starting from scratch. Now you’re probably wondering what is the point of using essentially the same app. The answer is simple: diversity! You never know what one app may have in comparison to the other. Any creative mind knows that sometimes you are blocked and nothing is getting through. I find that what helps me through those moments is scrolling through the graphic design sites and seeing what can spark the creativity that has been missing.

  1. Asana

Oh Asana. How I wouldn’t survive without you. No seriously. I wouldn’t survive without Asana. It is my day-to-day tracker of everything that needs to be posted. When you have multiple clients to manage, remembering what needs posted and when becomes more and more of a challenge, so I rely heavily on Asana. I put each clients’ calendar into my Asana so that when I come in to work each day I can check to make sure that everything got posted as it was scheduled. Are you starting to see why I wouldn’t survive without Asana? 

  1. Creator Studio

Creator Studio is an app that I spend about 60% of my day in, and that’s because it’s Facebook & Instagram’s FREE scheduling and insights platform. When I first began my position, all Creator Studio could do was schedule content, which was great in its own right, but Meta has really upped the ante now by adding in the post insights and essentially making it the Hub for all things Facebook Business.

  1. Pinterest

I’m sure Pinterest seems a little odd thrown in here, but let me just say that I have turned to Pinterest on (way) more than one occasion and had success finding inspiration for graphics, videos, and even blogs! Coming up with fresh, interesting content is harder than it seems, so utilizing applications such as Pinterest almost seems like a necessity in my position. It helps to keep me on top of trends, and it always manages to show me something that sparks an idea for one of my clients.

With so much available at our fingertips these days, we sometimes overlook the things that can help us most. So next time you’re logging in for the day, remember that these apps exist and are just waiting to be used. You never know what they may do for you and your business.

Which app are you going to try next? Post below!


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