The Mother of All Months

“I am your mother.” The Month of May…probably

May is here and that means something special is brewing. No it’s not the countless number of storms that we undoubtedly will endure in the coming weeks. The piping hot bit of brew that we speak of is the bright spot in advertising that May provides to all marketers. May is an endless vessel full of timely advertising moments for any and all businesses. What does this mean exactly? Let’s find out.

With any new month, advertisers come back to the drawing board and begin thinking about how they can tie in to the many time hooks that any given month could bring. In May, there are a number of holidays that give your business the opportunity to hone in on a specific day or topic. These days include May the 4th (i.e. Star Wars Day), Cinco De Mayo, Mother’s Day, and Memorial Day. With so many areas to choose from, the variety of days gives your business the opportunity to play in to one or more of the many days May has to offer. Let’s break them down one by one.

May the 4th

May the 4th, or more affectionately known as National Star Wars Day, is a play on a line from the critically acclaimed movie series. Rather than ‘May the force be with you,’ Star Wars fans have graciously dubbed the 4th day in May the day they will officially celebrate their favorite movie. As the day has gained widespread popularity, brands have started jumping on board the Death Star and riding it all the way to success. Brands such as Corvette, Lego, and Airbnb have all chosen to take part in May the 4th as a way to entice customers into buying their products, whilst also showing a more relatable side of the brand. Because what’s more relatable than liking Star Wars, amiright? Check out a few of our favorite May the 4th themed advertisements below!


American Tourister


Cinco De Mayo

Cinco De Mayo is a glorious day for many. In the country of Mexico, it is a day that commemorates the May 5, 1862 Mexican victory over France in the Battle of Puebla, but as many things do, the holiday has become profusely Americanized in the past few decades. Since its growth in popularity amongst the American people, it has become one of the most widely celebrated non-government holidays in the country. Because of that, it’s important for advertisers to play into not only its popularity, but also its significance. Make sure that if your business plans to tap into the Cinco De Mayo holiday, that they understand what the day actually is and what it means to the people of Mexico. Check out some Cinco De Mayo advertisements below!

Mother’s Day

As many know, the second Sunday in May is a day to celebrate the lovely ladies who raised us. Mother’s Day is the best excuse to shower our favorite women with gifts, love, and all the praise that they deserve. As you’re pampering your mama this Mother’s Day, start thinking about all the ways you can use this day as a way to begin advertising to people. Whether it’s through a special sale, event, or giveaway, Mother’s Day has always been one of the best holidays of the year to begin marketing your business and really making a brand push. The real key to great Mother’s Day advertising is emotion. Try striking an emotional chord with people to get them to remember your brand. People have emotional ties to their mothers, so this is a great holiday to utilize that aspect of marketing. Don’t just take our word for it, however! Mega brands of all kinds utilize Mother’s Day each and every year as a way to reach their potential clients, because there’s no one the world loves more than moms. Check those ads out below! (P.S. if you cry at some of them, so did we)

Memorial Day

On the final Monday in May, America takes a moment to recognize the thousands of lives sacrificed for the many freedoms that we have. Memorial Day honors the members of the various U.S. military branches who have given their life for our country. As a way to commemorate the day, many people get the Monday off, giving way to a three day weekend. Because businesses know that many have an extra day to sit around and relax, it is no surprise that Memorial Day is one of the busiest days of the year for discounts. Whether you’re selling makeup, furniture, or beverages, Memorial Day is a great time of year to entice people to take interest in your company by giving them a special discount or deal. Another way to incorporate Memorial Day into your advertising is by introducing an exclusive line of red, white, and blue themed items to your product line. You can also fulfill your philanthropic desires during this holiday by teaming up with military charities to raise money and awareness for the great things that they do, while also shining a light on our United States Military. Memorial Day provides businesses with a variety of options to help promote your business. Check out a few examples below!

The month of May is an endless cornucopia of opportunity for your business. Just as one special day ends, another begins, and your business can start all over again. As exhausting as it sounds, it’s actually a great strategy to get your name out there and start branding yourself. The best tip we can give you, however, is to choose wisely. Just because there are a number of specialized days in May, doesn’t mean each one is right for your and your brand. Stay true to you and yourself. If you do not feel passionate about something, it will show in your advertising, so make sure to take that into account before starting a campaign for each and every holiday from now until December.

Your brand is ready to take off, and the month of May is the perfect place to start. With 4 major holidays happening all within 31 days, there is ample opportunity to show your brand’s personality. Choose wisely for you and your business, but always remember to have fun with it.

Which holiday are you tackling in May? Comment below!


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