Rethink Wrapped

As hard as it is to imagine, another year has come and (almost) gone. With a year unlike any other, we thought it was time to give you a wrap up of all the happenings inside Rethink from the year. And let us tell you, it was quite the year. 

In true 21st Century fashion, our inspiration to show you this year’s year in numbers is once again inspired by Spotify and their year-end wrap up. Although we won’t be giving you the down low on what your listening personality is or who ruled your playlist, we can give one thing: insight into the advertising world and what it looks like from our point of view.

Much like years past, digital marketing shown bright in 2022. With new clients, new products, and new features, digital marketing can seem daunting, but not for Rethink. Our digital marketing department kept up with the ever changing industry in record fashion this year by not only continuing to serve millions of impressions, but by also doubling the amount of campaigns run in 2021. Want to learn more? Take a deeper look into our year in digital:

Digital Marketing Wrapped:

  • Total Number of Impressions Served: 24,943,736
  • Total Number of Clicks on Ads: 97,225
  • Total Digital Campaigns Run: 82

It’s impressive to look at what digital marketing was able to accomplish for our clients this year. We believe wholeheartedly in the power of digital marketing, and 2022 helped to prove that it is the future…and the present of marketing.

It wasn’t all digital marketing, however! We of course ran social media campaigns a plenty this year. Much like last year, our social media department was busy not only with our clients, but busy making sure that the Rethink social media pages were thriving as well. 

Beginning with the clients social media pages, however, the social media department thrived once again this year. Our social media successfully ran more campaigns this year than last, and have the numbers to prove it. Take a deeper look into our year in social:

Social Media Marketing Wrapped:

  • Total Number of Impressions Served: 2,916,020
  • Total Number of People Reached: 722,988
  • Total Social Media Campaigns Run: 385

The aforementioned busyness that was had on our personal pages can’t go unmentioned. Rethink finally joined TikTok at the very end of 2021, which means we spent 2022 figuring it out. And let me tell you, we had fun. Between TikTok and Instagram Reels, we were flying high on the video side of social media. Take a deeper look into our year in Rethink social:

Rethink Social Wrapped:

  • Total Number of TikTok Views: 21,404
  • Total Number of Engagement on TikTok: 633
  • Total Number of TikToks Made: 49
  • Total Number of Instagram Reel Views: 57,766
  • Total Number of Engagement on Instagram Reels: 1,708
  • Total Number of Reels Made: 43

Whether we were helping out our clients or creating content for our own page, social media proved to be a key tool for marketers and business owners alike again this year. And, as I’m sure you guessed, it doesn’t show any signs of going away, anytime soon.

The one advertising avenue that many people think is obsolete nowadays is traditional media, but we debunk that theory year after year. Whether we’re placing ads on television, creating the next great commercial, or writing a next level radio script, our traditional advertising department is alive and well, and 2022 is proof of that.

With all of the numbers recapped, and our year fully wrapped, we would be utterly remiss not to mention that without all of our clients trust, and without your support, none of the aforementioned details would be possible! This year was one for the record books, but as always, we’re on to the next.

Stay tuned. Rethink 2023 is on its way!

Thanks for spending this year with us! We can’t wait to see what 2023 has in store.


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