Rethink Wrapped

Well another year is about to wrap up, so we thought that we’d take a little inspiration from Spotify themselves and wrap our year in a nice little package just for you! I mean who doesn’t want to see exactly what we’ve been up to?! I know I do, so let’s check it out!

Between social media, digital media, and traditional media, we’ve kept very, and we do mean very, busy here at Rethink this year. We’ve had the chance to try new products, meet new people, and explore new opportunities. What a year it’s been, so let’s break it down a little bit!

In the world right now, where are you if you aren’t on social media. Amiright?! That premise is no different for us here at Rethink! It was a fun year on social, like a really fun year. To give you an idea of just how fun it really was, let me show you some key numbers from our year in social media.

  • Social Media Wrapped
    • Total People Reached
      • 1,407,830
    • Total Number of Engagement
      • 218,791
    • Total Number of Facebook Ads Ran
      • 358

We also launched an exciting new venture on our Rethink social pages this year, and that was a video blog. We decided to take our monthly blogs and recap them in short, fun videos that could be shared on multiple platforms. I can say that when we decided to do them originally, we never knew just how fun, and funny, they would be to create.

Our Rethink Instagram page got a big revamp this year, and the vlog was a big part of that. When you’re an advertising agency, keeping up with trends is an essential part of the job, so we jumped on the Instagram Reels train this year, and let me tell you, we had a lot of fun with that one. 

  • Vlog Wrapped
    • Total Number of Reels
      • 21
    • Total People Reached
      • 16,614
    • Total Number of Engagement
      • 191

We told you it was a fun year for social media! But that’s not the only area of Rethink that saw great numbers. Our digital marketing department had an impressive year as well! Let’s take a peak at what they were up to!

  • Digital Advertising Wrapped
    • Total Number of Impressions Served
      • 18,656,566
    • Total Number of Clicks on Ads
      • 76,116
    • Total Number of Digital Campaigns Ran
      • 45

2021 wasn’t all work and no play though! We were blessed enough to celebrate 10 wonderful years of Rethink this year. How did we celebrate? With a massive party of course! And it was certainly a celebration we won’t soon forget.

With all of the numbers recapped, and our year fully wrapped, we would be utterly remiss not to mention that without all of our clients trust, and without your support, none of the aforementioned details would be possible! This year was one for the record books, but as always, we’re on to the next.

Stay tuned. Rethink 2022 is on its way!


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