You Did A Superb(owl) Job

If you’re like me, the Super Bowl has always been more about the food and the commercials than the actual game. I know what you’re thinking. Well what’s the point? But I did seek a career in advertising, so at least there’s somewhat of a method to my madness.

Did you know that annually the Super Bowl has over 40 million viewers? No wonder it’s an advertiser’s dream day. As the saying goes, you’ve got to spend money to make money, and let me tell you they spend the money for a Super Bowl placement. 

In recent years, the cost to run a 30-second television commercial during the Super Bowl will cost a company over $5,000,000. That sure is a whole lot of zeros! But it got us thinking, if you’re willing to dish out that much money, you’re probably willing to force more creativity into those commercials, right? The verdict is still out on that one, but what we can say is that our research led us to compiling a comprehensive list of our Top 5 Super Bowl commercials of all time. Check them out below!

Top 5 Super Commercials of All Time

5. E-Trade: “Baby” – Super Bowl XLII (2008)

The saying it’s so easy a baby could do it, takes on a whole new meaning with this commercial. What makes this commercial so special is how simple it truly is, yet no one seemed to care. E-Trade didn’t need the theatrics. They simply needed a baby and a voice over. Absolutely genius!

4. Snickers; “Betty White” – Super Bowl XLIV (2010)

I mean it had the OG Golden Girl herself in it. There was no question this Snickers commercial was making the list!

3. Coca-Cola: “Hey Kid, Catch!” – Super Bowl XIV (1980)

Such a simple, yet endearing commercial. Mr. ‘Mean’ Joe Greene certainly softened in this commercial, and so did we!

2. Budweiser: “Brotherhood” – Super Bowl XLVII (2013)

Budweiser just always seems to get it right, and ‘Brotherhood” was no exception. 

1. Google: “Loretta” – Super Bowl LIV (2020)

I am a sucker for commercials that tug on the heart strings, and Google nailed it with this one. Seriously, I challenge you not to at least tear up watching this! Google, you simply outdid yourself with this one.

Honorable Mention

I would be utterly remiss not to throw in the few commercials that are great in their own right, but just happened to not make it into my Top 5. 

Amazon: “Alexa’s Body” – Super Bowl LV (2021)

Amazon truly understood the assignment with this one.

Doritos: ‘Keep Your Hands Off My Mama!” – Super Bowl XLIV (2010)

Who doesn’t love an overly protective kid? He knows the rules, and expects you to know them, too!

Wendys: “Where’s The Beef” – Super Bowl XVIII (1984)

When a single line from a Super Bowl commercial still remains relevant 38 years later, you know you have a hit on your hands.

Woah. We just threw a lot of commercials at you, but they were great, right?! We know there are definitely a few classics (looking at you ‘WASSUP’) missing, but hey, not everything can make the list! 

As you can tell from our selections, it’s not easy to make commercials that people are going to remember for years to come, but with a little luck, and a whole lot of creativity, some businesses figure it out.

Comment below your favorite Super Bowl commercial of all time, and let us know what we’re missing! 


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