Oh My Gourd, it’s almost Halloween!

Roughly 148 MILLION people celebrated halloween in 2020, despite the pandemic according to the National Retail Federation.

You may have your sales, promotions and content planned out for Thanksgiving or even Christmas; however, don’t sleep on Halloween! There are so many opportunities for businesses to get into the spirit of spooky season. Take a look at the ways our muggle friends spent money celebrating!

People are in the shopping spirit from now until the end of the year! So maybe you don’t sell any of these products, but that doesn’t mean you can’t capitalize on the season. Have your crew dress up, and decorate your store so that you can help create that spook-tacular feeling for your customers.

Top-consumer psychology surveys says that people spend 2X more than they need if they are in a good mood and like the look of a company’s website. So take advantage of that knowledge and spook up your page!

With Halloween, you can get as spooky and as fun as you’d like! Whether that’s with a fun poll on Instagram, or a costume contest on your Facebook, Halloween is the perfect time to interact with your followers! Halloween isn’t always about spreading fear, but it is the perfect way to step out of your creative comfort zone. Here are a few ways you can use social media to gain a little extra boost this spooky season:

  • Host a costume contest
  • Let others know you are handing out candy
  • Halloween GIFs
  • Rewording your usual content with something spooky like “Free shipping, just for BOO!”
  • Offer a sale!

Keep an eye on popular trends and pop culture moments and use that to your advantage when advertising this Halloween season. You want your content to feel native and engaging!

If you haven’t started your Halloween sales or content yet because you’re waiting on October to arrive (which is THIS week 😳)…DON’T! More than a third of consumers begin buying for Halloween in September or even earlier, and even though I don’t relate to those consumers, your content should!

If your business needs a boost in all things festive marketing, we are here to help! Continue to check out our blogs or better yet reach out! We would love to meet and come up with some scary good ideas!


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