Global Leadership Summit 2021 has come and gone

and as I followed alongside twitter I gathered some of my favorite tweets!

If you have never heard of the Global Leadership Network, you need to. It is THE place to get inspired about your leadership, business goals, and personal growth. I have attached a link at the bottom of the blog- so check it out!

I once read a post that said if you’re waiting for the motivation, it will never come. This tweet is true with life and business so make those decisions, and keep moving forward!

Before 2020 this one may have been a hard one to understand, crisis sounds like there is no opportunity to be found. However leaders across the globe these past 2 years have been able to rise up, and put their employees and clients first all while making changes to their business to adapt.

Even the most dedicated worker needs a break. It is so important for your mental health (and the happiness in your office) to take a day off. Do something that rejuvenates your soul!.. or just have lazy day, either work!

We always hear about bridges being burned and we know how those things happen. But here is a some good ways to BUILD bridges, because after all connections with others is how we get through anything in life.

I LOVE this thought! As a leader you should inspire your team to go out on a limb and take chances to reach a new goal.

Rethink is full of leaders, from the fantastic ladies who own it, to each coworker. We are full of ideas, inspiration and most importantly support. We cheer on our clients and each other to reach their full potential. If you haven’t worked with an advertising agency that cheers for you, then what are you waiting for?


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