Starting 2021 off right.

Well, we made it! We finally got to say goodbye to 2020 and while we all experienced the challenges it had to offer let’s take a minute to appreciate some of the good there was too. John Krasinski made good news go viral with the YouTube series “Some Good News.” Tik Tok blew up and our boredom was cured, Crayola launched a box of crayons with diverse skin colors for children to “accurately color themselves into the world.” And lastly, a 103 year-old grandma beat covid-19 and celebrated with a bud light. Cheers to that, Grandma!

Okay, now it’s time to get to work. 

Revisit what worked last year (and what didn’t)

A couple weeks ago we sat down as a team to really take a deep dive into Rethink and see where exactly we wanted to go in 2021. Whether you’re a marketing professional, a business owner, it’s important to have both personal and professional goals for the year.

Here are some ideas of what to look at:

  • What resonated with your audiences on social media – top posts, most engaging posts, etc.?
  • What marketing strategies, campaigns, or channels drove the most leads?
  • What didn’t perform as well as you thought it would – and how could it be improved?

Clean out your inbox

Start out the new year with a clean inbox – go through those old emails you “starred” and never followed up on and either follow up or delete. If you don’t already use folders for your emails, create some to help you keep your inbox organized. If you’re like me, you probably have about 100 emails of ideas you want to try – those can go in an Idea folder that you can revisit throughout the year. You never know, you might just find your next great idea buried in your own inbox!

Update your Google My Business profile

Your Google My Business profile is more important now than ever. If you want to show up when prospective customers are trying to find businesses like yours on Google or in Google Maps, a complete and optimized Google Business profile is the place to start.

Take a minute to make sure your profile is claimed and then take it a step further by optimizing your listing:

  • Populate the Q&A section of your profile with frequently asked questions.
  • Add some images or a video that showcase your business.
  • Make sure to respond to all reviews.

We have so many things in store for you this year, some of the same GREAT things, but a lot of new and totally awesome things as well… it’s going to be the best year yet, we just know it!


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