What you didn’t notice during the Super Bowl

You watched, you ate and then if you’re a chiefs fan like me, you wept.

Who doesn’t love the Super Bowl? I mean it’s football, but more importantly, it’s a time to eat great food and watch the BEST commercials of the year. Do you know how much a commercial spot during the game cost? According to Fast Company a 30 second spot in 2021 was running for about $5.5 Million and local spots running for about $1500 for a 30 second ad. With that kind of cash, your commercial better be one to remember!

Now, most of the time we DO remember the commercials and even expect some of them in the next year. For example, we can almost always bet that Doritos will have a funny commercial, or that Coca-Cola will have a feel good moment. One we seem to all equally love is the Budweiser commercials because even those can make the toughest cornerback shed a tear. But, for the first time since 1983 Budweiser decided it would not be airing a commercial during the game. Instead, they donated the money they would have spent on Coronavirus Vaccine Awareness efforts ( So awesome!).

Surprised? Because you KNOW you saw some clydesdales?.. You’re not wrong my friends! Brilliantly, Sam Adams used clydesdales in their very own Super Bowl commercial. Everyone knows those are iconic, and I’m sure the moment their marketing team heard the announcement from Budweiser, they jumped on the chance, or maybe the were prepared no matter what! The commercial starts out with a sweet sentimental sound, gearing us all up for what Budweiser usually has in store, but then it quickly turns humorous and chaotic. Towards the end of the commercial the tagline “Your cousins from Boston” is used, which instantly gets laughs and kinda makes you want to go grab a Sam Adams if I do say so myself! Catch the genius marketing spoof below 👇🏻

You can take what Sam Adams did and apply it to your own marketing game. Look around at what others in your field, or not in your field are you doing and see how their strategy can benefit you. Don’t have the time to look around for yourself? That’s what we’re here for!


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