WHOA 2020!

WHAT. A. YEAR. Am I right? Despite having been a tough year, we managed to succeed and all thanks to our AMAZING clients and an incredible team we have here. Take a look at some of the BIG things that happened around here!

We took on the huge project of advertising for the 2020 Census (Hard to Count Population) in Quincy and Adams County. With the hand we were dealt this year, it made the usual ways of being counted a thing of the past. But, despite the difficulties, we were able to achieve many things! By March 24th Adams county had the highest response rate in the state of Illinois and by April 1st, Adams county was 6th in the ENTIRE nation!

Social Media is something we are knee deep in and we LOVE it! This year everyone and everything was on social media, and so that’s right where we put our clients too!

HOLY COW! ☝️ that is the number of reactions for all of our clients post. We don’t want to toot our own horn (toot toot) but we had lots of love, likes, comments, and shares on our clients post.

There are no rookie numbers around here! Our digital marketing was another place we had to adjust what we were doing but we did it and hit the ground running- We managed over 200 campaigns this year 😳

Now I’m pretty sure none of us were jumping for joy when we had to do all things from home (and still going…)- but once again, we nailed it. Zoom was our new best friend and we have been involved in over 80 zoom meetings, and counting!

After all the changes, moves and constant unknowns we continued to keep our clients at the forefront, and we plan to continue that momentum into 2021! We appreciate ALL of our clients for taking a leap of faith into that unknown with us and trusting us with your marketing!

📞 217-222-2288 📧 corie@rethinkmediagroup.net or susan@rethinkmediagroup.net


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