5 Common Digital Questions

Trust us, we’ve been asked them all. Here is what you really need to understand when it comes to digital advertising. More and more companies are including digital advertising as a critical component to their marketing strategies. However, there are still some companies out there who have not yet jumped in. Are you one of them? Or maybe you jumped in and didn’t like the results.

Here are a few of the questions we hear most often.

“Why do I care about impressions, isn’t it more important to get clicks?”

Did you know that less than 1 in 1,000 people click an ad (.07%)? Measuring an ad campaign’s effectiveness by number of clicks is an outdated metric. A click is meaningless if it doesn’t lead to a conversion. On average it takes 6-8 marketing touches to generate a viable sales lead. That is nothing compared to colleges which take an average of 12-15 touches to get a student interested. Paying “per click” is expensive, especially if the person doesn’t convert. The focus of digital advertising is showing your ad to the right targeted people and getting them to buy from you. That might be by driving them to your website, or getting them to call, or coming to your business location.

“We only do Pay Per Click/Paid Search ads, won’t that work?”

Pay per click and paid search ads can be an effective form of advertising for the right business. If you are doing PPC or Paid Search ads there is much to consider such as, are your campaign and keywords being optimized? Are you using extensions for your ads such as location extension, Call extensions, Lead Form extensions, or Call-Only ads?

Paid Search Ads only reach the 5% of searchers who click on search ads, and even then your ads are typically shown right next to your direct competitors. People are only going to click on a paid search ad if they know your brand – how are you reaching people and exposing them to who you are and what you offer?

“I tried digital before and it didn’t work, how are you different?”

First, we need to know what digital advertising did you do? There are hundreds of types of digital advertising. How was it targeted? How long did you do it and at what budget? How did you track it? How do you know it didn’t work? Those are all great questions to look at for us to compare.

As for what makes us different, we have really cool and unusual products such as Social Mirror ads and Amazon ads. We currently offer 13 different digital products but that list is always enhancing and growing. You also get me! I will meet with you every month and be your tour guide on exactly how your campaign is running. As a bonus, something extra we do is link your Google My Business page and your Google Analytics to your campaign so we can measure those results as well.  

“My ad budget is allocated to other media and it’s working, why should I try digital?”

If you are not reaching people online with digital ads you are missing an important way to communicate with potential customers. Digital advertising works with traditional media providing frequency of a specifically targeted message to your specifically targeted audience.

Based on the survey that Borrell put together, notice that 11 of the top 24 were digital in nature.  The highlighted ones are some that we offer to our clients.

“I don’t have a good website so I can’t do digital, right?”

Most people when coming to a website are looking for hours of operation, phone number, address, and/or a contact us page. Does your website have the basics? People are going to your website, whether you want them to or not. Not advertising isn’t going to make it better. Use, or create, a Facebook business page and land people there until you have a better website.

We know how important digital is and how big of an impact it can make for small and medium sized businesses. If you have more questions or would like to learn more we can schedule a no obligation demo and answer any digital fears you may have.


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