Difficult but Doable

According to autismspeaks.org 90% of adults with Autism are either unemployed or underemployed. That number is huge so we dug into finding a business owner on the Autism spectrum that we could brag about and share with you!

Running a business is difficult there is no question. No matter how big or small the business it comes with its own set of challenges and for Joe with Poppin Joes Kettle Korn, it is no different.

Joes Kettle Korn has been poppin’ since 2005 and has been found in many places such as craft shows, Walmarts, and different events. When looking over Joe’s products my mouth basically watered and I just HAD to buy some!

“The biggest disability is low expectations” and just like his dad always said “Don’t let anyone limit your potential- go do what you love!” – Poppin Joe

We wanted to know what advice Joe would have for others who are wanting to start their own business and he was spot on with, “Look at your strengths and what you enjoy doing and find a way to use it for your work. Doing what I love makes me happy. I love being Poppin Joe!”. From our own small business we know this to be true, we love doing what we do everyday.

In order to get these KEY pieces of business advice from Joe, the questions were given to his sister who then communicates with him using his augmentative device and communication boards. To find out more about these amazing devices and how you can help others receive the equipment they need, check out Global AAC.

As most of us know a lot of businesses took a hit this last year with COVID, and Joe’s business included with most of the festivals not operating. However, he has relocated from Kansas to Georgia and is using an online sales and retail outlet to market and grow his business- with some exciting things coming with a new production site sometime in 2021!

To order some DELICIOUS popcorn ⇢

We are an agency that loves to support other small businesses and one way we do that is by building up your marketing strategy. Reach out to us if you need that extra *something* to get your business where it needs to be!


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