Top 5 marketing myths busted!

Rethink Media Group– Digital, Social & Media Marketing Team in the heart of the Midwest. 

Myth 1

“My product is so great that it doesn’t need advertising!” Unfortunately, that’s not true. There’s a reason that big name companies such as Starbucks, Apple, and Nike still advertise, because it’s essential to the ever-growing change in prospective customers!

Myth 2

“Marketing is a waste of money.” 😳 False. Small businesses don’t have as big of a budget as larger companies, (of course) but it’s still necessary to advertise to compete in your industry, reach potential customers, and keep appealing to current ones. A smaller budget is even more reason to be marketing, and consider using a team of marketing experts to implement the right strategies for your business!

Myth 3

“Online marketing is all you need.” With digital marketing dominating the advertising world, it is the place to be. Luckily with it becoming more popular, the price range isn’t out of reach, especially with a balanced marketing budget! However, traditional marketing tactics (TV, Radio, Billboards, Print ect.) are still beneficial! Teaming up with a marketing agency can get YOUR business in all the right places to target your ideal clients–everywhere.

Myth 4

“I already know what my clients want.” This one we can understand. You know who you WANT as clients perhaps, and you think you understand the type of person who would use your product/services, BUT the way you reach those clients is always changing. As the years go by, your clients become different and their needs change. However, you generally won’t reach your older target customers the same way you reach your younger ones. Think about it!

Myth 5

“Marketing is only to gain new customers.” One of the biggest complaints I got working in sales was “you’re always offering something for the new custo

“Marketing is only to gain new customers.” One of the biggest complaints I got working in sales was “you’re always offering something for the new customers, but what about us?!” and honestly, they were right! You need to make sure you’re still appealing to your current clients. When new businesses and new products come out, people will always have the desire to check them out and it’s up to YOU to make sure your brand and business is competitive and delivering for all your customers. Following up from myth one…. there is a reason big named brands like Apple still advertise.

Don’t know where to start, or how to get your marketing budget in gear for 2021? We can help by putting together a strategic plan to put YOUR business in front of the right people.


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