Amazon works for your business–here’s HOW!

Welcome Back! – if you read that in your best McDonalds drive thru voice, you might have been hitting it up too often this quarantine (Guilty 🙋🏼‍♀️)

A fact so BIG we have to tell you again, Amazon netted $14.3 Billion in ad revenue,  mainly from managed and small pay-per-click accounts in 2019.
Now that’s marketing! 👇🏻

Targeting. Amazon averages more than 200 million unique visitors per month and has massive amounts of targeting data. There are a few different ways we can target your customers:

Behavioral Targeting– We use your display, video and OTT (over the top) video ads using specifics such as a consumers Amazon purchase history, searches and browsing. For example we can target anyone who watched a show starring Brad Pitt within the last 30 days!

Product Targeting– Gives us the ability to build an audience based around specific products. For instance, if you wanted to reach new parents, we can target diaper sizes, infant cars seats or baby books.

Retargeting– After a customer is served your ad on Amazon and continues to browse other areas on Amazon or any of Amazon’s partner apps, they will see your ad again and this will remind them to click on it, visit your website, and complete the transaction.

50% of U.S. internet users start product searches on Amazon compared to 35% on Google

That last stat has a lot of people paying attention. Amazon has massive data accumulated about its users which we can use to target ads both on and off Amazon. We can target with display ads on and off and video/OTT on Amazon owned properties and partner websites and apps.

Partner Sites make up a BIG portion of where these ads will be seen. These include: Amazon Firestick,, IMBD TV and all Amazon Publishers, making this the perfect place to be seen by just the right customers!

Over-The-Top Advertising is how to stand out in a busy space like Amazon. We can create ads from a single image (aka: display ad) or video. The placement of the video ads are what takes your business to the next level! When you tap into OTT (over the top video) ads, your brand will stand out in a non-traditional TV space. Showcase your brand in a new wave of advertising on subscription platforms like sling TV, Hulu, YouTube TV, Apple TV ect.

With the right customer information and hyper-targeting products we can place your ad in front of future customers ready to buy! With so many different options, we have the ability to put your business in front of the right people.

Rethink Media Group– Digital, Social & Media Marketing Team in the heart of the Midwest. 


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