10 productivity hacks to make the work day EASIER!

Rethink Media Group– Digital, Social & Media Marketing Team in the heart of the Midwest. 

When wine won’t cut it, (mainly because we’re at the office) we turn to these hacks to make our work day flow–and you should too!

Team Management Tools

Utilizing apps such as Trello, Teamup or slack will help keep your office organized. These types of apps allow for organization and communication between peers- so you can skip emails for quick convo, and questions!

Take advantage of organization tools available! Having a calendar at a quick glance is vital to keeping up with deadlines.

Go Green

This isn’t referring to recycling, (although, a great idea!) this is about getting an office plant. Studies show that a green-leaved plant on your desk can improve concentration and productivity by 15%!!

Plants can also reduce stress and boost your mood! Not really great at keeping things alive? not to worry- fake plants will do the trick too!

Morning Exercise

Exercise is proven to increase energy, as opposite as it seems- its true! Many studies have shown that morning exercise improves attention, visual learning and decision making.

If you need additional help de-stressing, exercise is the perfect tool as it is a natural remedy for stress. Starting off your morning with exercise will boost your mood for the ENTIRE day!

Two Minute Rule

The two minute rule is popular, because it works! Its about asking yourself “will this take longer than 2 minutes?” if the answer is YES then add it to your to-do list. If the answer is NO then go ahead and do it now!

This rule helps overcome procrastination by making it so easy to start a task that you can’t say no to. When adding to your to-do list, or given a new task remember to ask yourself the 2 min rule.


When the work day seems slow or your to-do list is piling up, turning on some tunes can help get you moving!- not just dancing in your seat but your brain moving! Listening to music while at work can help with efficiency, creativity and lift your overall spirits. A happy, creative workplace, is really the only kind of workplace anyone should have.

Now, while trying to get a task completed listening to music WITHOUT lyrics is important. This way you’re not distracted by the lyrics – and well.. the singing in your head. However, if you feel you are doing a repetitive tasks, then music with lyrics may help move the process along.

Reattach to Work

Life gets busy. Once you clock out and get home, all types of life comes at you. Maybe you have the evening free and you’re out with friends, or maybe you went home and had a rough night with your children. Either way, life outside of work can captivate a lot of your mind.

Take some time before each work day to think about what you accomplished yesterday, and what you plan to accomplish today. 15 minutes to regroup each morning and focus on work will help get you out of autopilot.

keyboard Shortcuts

Here is a list of quick, easy, and my personal favorite.. fun keyboard hacks that will make your work day easier.

                MAC:                                                                                 Windows: 
View All Windows: Control + ⬆️                          Switch between apps:  Windows + D Undo: Command + Z                                                Lock your PC: Windows + L                Dictionary: Control + Command+ D                    Screenshot: Windows+ PrtScn
Copy: Control + C                                                     Copy:  CTRL+ C
Screenshot: Command+ shift + 4                         Paste: CTRL+ V
Cut: Control + X                                                        Cut: CTRL + X
Open Finder: Command + O                                 Exit App: ALT + F4

Monday Meetings

Having Monday meetings can set the tone for the work week. Uplifting and encouraging conversation can put you and your coworkers into the right direction.

Going over task and due dates for the upcoming week can be a big help when it comes to keeping yourself and coworkers organized.

Streamline Reports

With each job comes some sort of reporting, whether its payroll, inventory, sales numbers or anything other reports deemed necessary. One way you can make quick work of accessing the information you need is to put all your reports in one location!

Using a tool such as QuickBooks will help you quickly gather your information without having to switch back and forth through several systems. “worker smarter- not harder” is definitely a term to remember with this hack.

Marketing Agent

The most useful hack your business can benefit from… using a marketing agency! You have all your steps in place, you are working hard and your sales are moving but you think “how can I reach more clients?!” A marketing agency, such as ourselves, will help showcase your business.

You may not have time to keep up with facebook, instagram and twitter so you can utilize the agency to reach your clients on those outlets for you. Maybe you don’t know what to say or how to say it, an agency, like us can do help with that too!

Perhaps you want to reach a potential client at your competitors location, send them an ad on their phone while they’re there- we can make sure thats possible. Reach out to a marketing agency so that YOU can grow your business and build your brand while still managing the work behind the scenes- let us get your name out there!

For more information on what we here at ReThink can do for YOUR business contact us at:

📞 (217)-222-2288

✉️ corie@rethinkmediagroup.net or susan@rethinkmediagroup.net


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