7 Things You Need to Know About Digital Marketing

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There’s a lot that goes into Digital Marketing, but it doesn’t need to be complicated. If you’re looking into adding digital advertising into your media mix, here are 8 things you should know before getting started:

1. What Is Digital Marketing?

This is when you buy advertising space online. These ads are placed across websites, mobile apps, and even social media platforms, like Facebook and Instagram, where audiences are targeted with the help of specific information about their online behaviors, interests, and purchasing habits. 

2. Your Competitors Are Already Doing It.

Where do you spend most of your time? Watching TV? Listening to music? Social Media? Do you do all of those things online? You’re not alone when it comes to wanting your message to stand out online! There are over 5 million businesses on Facebook that are spending money each month JUST on Facebook advertising. 2019 is the first year that advertisers are spending more money on digital online advertising than on traditional advertising like TV, billboard and radio. Digital Marketing places your ads wherever your target audience is online, not just on social media!

3. Make Your Advertising Mobile.

Mobile Conquesting uses Geo-targeting capabilities to find your target audience’s location, demographic, and behaviors to target them with your digital message on their smartphone or tablet.  

You can also use the Mobile Conquesting Tool to target competitors’ locations or local events to find the customers you’re looking to attract. This tool also tracks in-store visits of the people who were served your ad. Wouldn’t it be nice to know how many people are walking into your store because of your digital campaign?

4. Hyper-Targeting is the New Black!

Local advertisers have the ability to determine the geographical area where ads are served online.  Start with targeting a specific mile radius around your business, or target your ads to be displayed only in certain zip codes.  As you grow, expand your targeting area.  Being able to focus on your community, neighborhood, and the areas that matter for your business is why advertisers love digital marketing!

5. High Return-On-Investment.

With digital advertising you have access to SO much data! The monthly reports we provide you with will always include: Google Analytics, Impressions, Clicks, View Through Stats, Conversions, & more!   
1. Google Analytics is a free tool that’s available to install directly on your website. It tracks the number of new customers brought to your website each month just from seeing your digital ads.

2. Impressions refer to how many times your digital ad is viewed. There is a well-known marketing “Rule of 7” that reminds us that customers need to view an ad 7x before they are convinced enough to buy. 

3. Clicks might seem self-explanatory, but most people do NOT click on the ads they see online. The national average for click-through-rate is only 0.07%. We are proud to say that all of our digital client ads are preforming 2-3x the national average!

4. Conversions tell you what people are doing on your website after they’ve been served your ad. Do you want them to fill out a contact form? Apply for financing? Start a live chat with one of our agents?
5. A View-Through visit is arguably the most important statistic we track for you! This tracks the people that see your ad online, don’t click on it, but then arrive at your site at a later time by memory! This tells us just how memorable you and your ads are.

6. Fully Customizable

Digital advertising has is the ability to utilize many digital platforms/products at the same time. We offer 12 digital products and they are always evolving! One of the newest forms of digital advertising out there is OTT or “Over The Top” video advertising. It’s the ability to target TV apps like FOX & CBS as well as serve ads on Roku & Sling. There are 168.1 million people watching content through services like these that choose to opt out of cable TV but are still shown select ads through these systems that you can only reach through digital ads!

7. Affordable & Easy to Understand

Digital Advertising is very streamlined. Our services start as low as a penny per impression/view, making digital ads affordable to everyone! 

The key here is to find an expert digital partner (Like us!) We’ve learned this information inside and out, and can break it down in a very simple, clear manner that allows you to understand it. Just because you don’t know the world of digital advertising doesn’t mean it’s complicated. 

“Digital Marketing reaches the people who WANT to see your content where they are in real time! The future is digital.”
–Rethink Media Group

So now what? Maybe you’ve just read this and thought…”I have no idea how to even find the time to get started with something like this.” That’s where we come in! We help create effective strategies for digital marketing, social media and various other forms of advertising. We are experienced, dedicated, and ready to help you take your business to the next level!

For more information, check out our website http://www.rethinkmediagroup.net and follow us on your favorite social platforms @rethinkmg for social updates, tips & tricks.


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