6 Ways to Make Your Instagram Pictures Stand Out

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Instagram was designed for you to share photos of your life with your friends & followers. However, there’s more to Instagram than simply uploading a picture to the platform– a lot more. If you want your photos to be noticed, follow these tips! Who knows, you might just be on your way to becoming insta-famous!
XOXO Rethink Media Group

1. Your Camera

We recommend that you DO NOT take your photos with the Instagram camera. The Instagram camera app doesn’t preform as well as the one built into your phone. Your phone’s camera has HDR (high dynamic range) function, which you can’t get on Instagram. Also, Instagram’s camera doesn’t have a zoom function. We love using the Portrait mode setting to take quality images!

2. Your Backdrop

The background of the photo is as important as the subject of the picture. Look around you before you take a picture, clean up any clutter, and find a unique spot to be your “backdrop.” Get creative, anything can be the perfect setting for a stunning shot.

3. Your Focus

Out of focus shots seldom get anyone’s attention. People are inclined to scroll past them instead of stopping to ‘like’. Zooming too much can put your image out of focus. The slightest blur from motion as soon as you take the photo can ruin its entire composition. You need to perfect the art of holding your phone perfectly still to take a photograph. Fortunately, you can take multiple photos to make sure you get the perfect shot.

4. Your Lighting

Lighting is an essential part of the perfect photograph. Harsh artificial or indoor light is not as effective as natural or outdoor light. Photos taken at sunrise and sunset have a unique quality about them that you won’t capture at any other time. Make sure your camera flash is on if you’re taking photos in a dimly lit room. Try standing in front of a window to get your best lighting.

5. Your Editing

It’s important to edit your photos before you put them on Instagram. Your phone has a standard set of editing tools on it. However, there are lots of new filter apps you can try that will help you to perfect your pictures. You’ll be surprised at how much editing you can do on a photograph to make it look even better than before. The most liked photographs on Instagram are usually filtered. There’s even research to suggest that your followers like warm filters that provide sharp contrast. Avoid the temptation to go overboard with the filters as people will label over-processed photos as too fake. We love the FREE Airbrush editing app and VSCO app for filters.

6. Your Caption

Once you’ve got your photo perfected, it’s time to upload it. Before you do, decide if you want to add some text to the photo. Look for apps that let you add texts such as quotations to your photos. You can upload your image in Snapchat first to caption it how you like or use a word font app like Word Swag ($4.99) and then repost it to Instagram. 

“Instagram is designed to be a space to have fun, share experiences & connect with friends. There is really no wrong way to express your story. Play around, try new things & remember to stay true to yourself!”
-Rethink Media Group

So now what? Maybe you’ve just read this and thought…”I have no idea how to even find the time to get started with something like this”. Well, luckily that is something we can help with! We help create effective strategies for social media, digital marketing, and various other forms of advertising. We are experienced, dedicated, and ready to help you take your business to the next level!

For more social tips and tricks, check out our website http://www.rethinkmediagroup.net and follow us on your favorite social platforms @rethinkmg


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