Instagram Stories vs. Instagram Feed. What To Post and Where.

Instagram is definitely on the rise, and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. More and more companies and brands are trying to establish a “presence” for themselves on Instagram. It could be hard at times to find your voice amongst its thousands and thousands of users. How do you make yourself stand out, and even more how do you know what to post and where? There are so many “places” to post on Instagram. You have your normal feed, the new and ever popular instagram stories and even newer than stories you have Instagram TV.

There are no super strict rules about what to post where, with what kind of content. With that being said, the fact that you are thinking about this at all and actively posting on Instagram is probably proving to be beneficial to you. But having a little guidance to help direct you in the right direction is never hurtful.

To help, all of us at Rethink Media Group put together a helpful guide for you to use if you are struggling figuring out if your great idea is post worthy or story worthy.

There are some key considerations to note. Did you know that 70% of Instagram users watch their Instagram stories with their sound turned on but the majority of Instagram users watch videos in their feed with the sound turned off? These major differences can make or break the content that you decide to post and where you chose to post it.

Instagram Feed

The first thing that we decided is important to think about it the fact the posts stay on your profile forever. Instagram stories go way after 24 hours whereas your posts will always be there. Keep it evergreen is the way we like to put it. Make it pretty, make it match, and make it you.

The second thing to think about when posting for your Instagram feed is to remember that these are your ideal posts for reaching people. Your Instagram feed is designed to reach out to your potential followers. Posts on your feed will most likely be the thing that gets discovered by new audiences. Have you ever judged whether or not you’d follow someone by the way their feed looks? Keep that in mind when deciding what to post where.

The next thing to notice before thinking about what to post on your Instagram feed is the fact that you’re feed is normally planned out. This is curated content that takes some thought and planning.

The last thing to remember before posting to your Instagram feed is that this is the place for your brand to shine. Your feed is the face of your company! Make sure it represents you well while still focusing on what your company stands for.

Instagram Stories

As far a Instagram stories go, it is all about the now. You don’t want to plan your Instagram stories. They want to be fun and light hearted. Instagram stories are a way to let your followers in on the everyday life of your business or company.

Another thing about Instagram stories is that they are a great place for experimentation. You can see what your followers like and want more of or what they don’t like.

Stories are a part of your unofficial brand. They are a place to check in and let people know where you’re at or what you’re experiencing.

The fun stickers, polls, music options, live features, countdowns, quizzes and more are fun little ways to try something new. Normally these add-ons are pretty successful and can even provide you vital information about your followers that you otherwise wouldn’t know.

So now what? Maybe you’ve read this blog post and thought…”I have no idea how to even get started with something like this”. Well, luckily that is something we can help with. We help companies create effective and strategies for social media, digital marketing, and various forms of advertisement. We are experienced, honest, easy to work with, and an all woman ran company. So, let us know how we can help you!

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