How to Bring Your Social Media Engagement Back From the Dead.

A social media page that lies dormant and is not active probably shouldn’t even exist at all. But if this sounds like your social media page, don’t worry because there is hope.

It is most definitely possible to revamp and revitalize your social media page, and here is how you do it.

Do a Basic Profile Audit.

Before you jump right into creating content, you have to make sure the “bones” of your social media is in place. Check to see if your profile features your business’ name, location, phone number, and hours.

In addition, make sure your pages are clearly branded. Your logo needs to be your profile picture, and make sure it is the same logo across the different platforms. A tool like Canva is easy to use for formatting your logos to fit on any platform.

Post Regularly.

It is finally time to think about the content you post. The golden rule is creating a posting schedule. Regular posting creates familiarity with your followers. The more you post, the more your business begins to feel like an old friend. That is truly when your followers feel comfortable interacting with your posts.

When you come and go from people’s social media feeds, that can actually make people feel distrustful of your brand. Why is there a bunch of activity and posting one week then silence for the next two? It makes your brand seem scattered, and that’s not the way to generate positive attention online.

Don’t Just Sell, Provide Advice.

It is not just about how regular you are with your posting, it’s also about the content and quality. The beauty of social media is that it allows you to establish real connections with your followers, so the last thing you want to do is create a series of salesy posts. That will create an opposite effect for what you want.

Instead, provide advice and useful information. Establish yourself as an expert in your field, and followers will find themselves turning to your content when they need a question answered. Sharing tips and knowledge also gives your followers something more substantive to comment on. Also, do not be afraid to share personal posts. Your followers would love to see what you do and who you are outside of the business world.

Talk With Your Biggest Fans.

When someone takes the time to engage with you, you absolutely have reciprocate! Leave no comment left unrecognized, no question unanswered. When fans take the time to post a shout-out to your brand on social media, re-share the post and thank them for the kind words!

You have to make sure they know that are real people behind your brand. Do not be afraid to create dialogue between you and your followers. Try making a caption that encourages people to comment by asking them a question.

Use Hashtags Wisely.

If you want to expand your reach, hashtags are a great way to do that. When you post your content make sure to add relevant hashtags.

Select three to four hashtags that are relevant to the community you’re trying to reach and add one that is unique to your business. Using those community-specific hashtags will put your content in front of those who are interested in your industry or field of expertise. That’s the best way to get discovered by a new, relevant audience on social media.

So now what? Maybe you have read this blog and thought “I have no idea where to go from here”. Well that’s something we can help with. We help companies create effective strategies for social media, digital marketing, and various forms of advertisement.
We’re experienced, honest, easy to work with, and an all woman company. So, let us know how we can help you!

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