Crystal’s Facebook Favorites


I love discussing Facebook! It’s an ever-changing platform that continues to keep us guessing. It’s my job as Rethink Media Group’s social media queen to stay on top of the latest updates, changes and regulations. While I love to keep you informed and answer any questions you may have, I realize that it’s also important to share my favorite Facebook features, hence this blog post. My hope is that one of these features will be brand new to you and will help you step up your Facebook game. Let’s get started!

  1. Facebook Live is where it’s at! Facebook allows you to share what’s happening right now via live broadcast. It’s also the most inexpensive way to reach the most amount of people without paying for boosting. Don’t be afraid to go live in the moment when you feel it! And don’t worry about being perfect. Be candid and authentic, so your audience can relate to you.
  2. Facebook Reactions, because why not? As if liking a post isn’t enough, you can now share your favorite reaction including like, love, wow, sadness or anger. I am a big fan of the “love” reaction, because some things  are just plain brilliant and deserve more than a simple “like”!
  3. The Ability to Schedule Posts is a Lifesaver! As a manager of so many Facebook pages, being able to plan ahead and schedule posts saves so much time! This feature is only available through a business page or group.
  4. The “Unfollow” option saves me from drama. We’ve all been there and it has to be said. There’s always that one person (sometimes many people) who post negative content and you find yourself growing tired of seeing their posts. There’s enough negativity in this world, right? That’s where the “Unfollow” option comes in handy. You can remain friends with that person, but you no longer have to see their posts.
  5. Facebook Business Manager is awesome for Social Media Managers. Do you manage more than one business account? Perhaps your company has multiple pages? I highly recommend Business Manager. It’s completely free and allows you to add employees, advertise, access analytics and schedule your content for all pages in one convenient place. It’s a game changer and it has a bonus mobile app that makes posting content even easier from wherever you are.
  6. Facebook Cover Videos give your profile that little extra! Were you aware that you can now upload a video to your Facebook cover? Whether it’s your latest commercial, a sample of your video work or a home video, you can upload it to your Facebook cover. When someone visits your profile, it will be the first things they see! Word on the street is that cover photo slideshows are in our future!
  7. Save Posts for Later! We are all busy and at times there may be a Facebook post, article, video or even a big sale that you really want to see, but just don’t have the time. You have the option to save that post and easily come back to it later!
  8. Get to Know Your Audience with Analytics. Facebook makes it easy to tailor your posts to a specific audience. If you’ve ever posted content and wondered why you aren’t getting engagement (besides the algorithm restrictions), it could be that you are sending that message to the wrong audience. Use your analytics to find out who likes your page, from age, gender and where they live and tailor your content accordingly.
  9. Poll Your Audience! Facebook recently add polls as a post option for businesses! What an awesome way to acquire feedback from your followers! And guess what? Polls get great engagement because people can provide feedback with a simple click. Get creative and work them into your content schedule to increase engagement and to learn things that will help you better serve your audience.
  10. Use “My Story” to give your profile added personality! You’ll find this on the right hand side of your profile right under the cover photo. I highly recommend that you go in and update that section. Facebook automatically chooses a photo and grabs a sample of your profile description. Because the photo you select stays in place, it’s almost like having a bonus profile picture! Don’t be afraid to get creative and make that space a fun read for your audience.

My list could go on and on, but there you have it! My hope is that you will take something new away from this blog to incorporate on your own page. Happy Facebooking!


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