The Latest Facebook Algorithm Updates

Simply put, the Facebook News Feed Algorithm controls who sees what in your newsfeed. As marketers, it’s important to stay on top of each and every update to the algorithm as it changes frequently. Changes to the algorithm can have a big impact on the reach and frequency of your Facebook posts. How do you remain visible? How do you remain relevant? Facebook has recently made two important updates to its algorithm that will impact the use of video and how you create engaging posts.

Posting Videos 

It should come as no surprise that video is a huge trend in 2018 social media marketing. When it comes to posting video, you want to keep in mind who your audience is and what appeals to the people interested in what you have to offer. Facebook’s latest algorithm update will now give preference to videos that people are either searching for or coming back to your page to watch multiple times.

What does this mean for you? We are not advising that you stop posting videos. What we do advise is that you post videos that have value to your audience. Make content that your audience will want to watch, interact with and share. If they come back to watch it multiple times, that’s even better!

Asking for Engagement

When scrolling through your news feed, you may have noticed posts which ask for engagement. We are guilty of this as well. Posts that say “Like this post to” or “Share this post if” now qualify as what Facebook refers to as “Engagement Bait” and will be devalued. Devaluing a post means fewer people will see it. This change not only impacts businesses, but individuals as well. “Engagement Bait” can include a wide range of posts from asking people to use reactions, asking people to vote, asking people to comment or asking people to tag friends.

The Takeaway

When it comes to the latest Facebook Algorithm changes, don’t panic! The important thing to remember when planning your posts is to focus on authentic content that brings value to your audience. If you already do this then you shouldn’t notice a difference in your reach and frequency.

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