A Marketer’s New Year’s Resolutions


Let’s face it! As a marketer, I feel like I am always strapped for time. While planning projects, managing social media accounts and digital campaigns, developing content plus all of the miscellaneous tasks that tend to pop up, I so often find myself getting caught up in my own little marketing world.

Many people set New Year’s resolutions to keep their lives on track or improve many facets of the everyday. You’ve probably made a few yourself. This year, I’m trying something different! Not only am I starting 2017 with personal resolutions, but I find that I can apply them to my professional life as well. I encourage you to do the same! Join me as I share my professional resolutions with you!

  1. Embrace social media even MORE! I consider myself to be a social person. I love social media, from Facebook and Twitter, to Snapchat, Instagram and even LinkedIn. I’m all about it! I consider myself a true social media guru, but there are always new things to learn, new tools to try and new ways to broaden your social media knowledge.
  2. Strengthen my relationships! Allow me to step onto my soapbox for just a moment and say that it’s not always about how many “likes” or followers you have. It’s about building and strengthening the relationships with your current followers. I want to improve in that aspect by generating more content tailored to those who follow my social media activity and utilize their feedback. I believe this tactic can lead to added inspiration for my content and campaigns.
  3. Lose weight! Stick with me here. I know we all want to lose a few physical pounds, but that’s now what I’m referring to when I say “weight.” I plan to take a thorough look at my files and content. It’s important to know what should stay, what should go, what should be revamped and what can be repurposed. Take a look at what was successful over the last year and also make a list of the best practices that should continue in 2017.
  4. Seek adventure! On  a personal level, I hope to see new places in the new year. On a professional level, this means that I plan to be more “adventurous” with my projects and campaigns. I want to try new things and experiment with different messaging.
  5. Learn! It’s no secret that technology is always changing, along with consumer behavior and trends. It’s more important now than ever to spend more time learning. I plan to take in an extra article or two, spend time researching and trying my best to stay ahead of the trends, so that you can too.

If you haven’t already, here is my personal invitation to follow us on social media. We want to hear from you! I hope that my resolutions will inspire you to set your own goals for 2017. What are your resolutions?


Crystal Zehnle, Digital Marketing Manager




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