“Rethink” Your 2017


It’s official! We are in the home stretch of 2016, which means it’s time to finalize your marketing plan for the coming year. As marketing professionals, it is our responsibility to study the technologies that are emerging, follow what big brands are doing and most importantly figure out what will resonate with your audience in the coming year. There are several trends that should shape your 2017 marketing budget.

First, content marketing can, will and should dominate your brand’s marketing strategy next year. Do you have a plan in place to attract, inform and engage your audience?

Secondly, let’s talk video marketing. Consumers like to watch videos, both for entertainment and informational purposes. Video is becoming an essential part of every content marketing strategy.

This third trend is a given, but we must say it. Social media strategy is key and should be a integral part of your marketing strategy. Are you taking the necessary steps to stay ahead of your competition on social media?

Fourth, consumers are now spending more time on mobile devices, than watching television or using laptops. In order to offer your audience the best mobile experience possible, be sure that your website is mobile responsive.

And finally, digital marketing is one of the fastest, most exciting industries out there! You now have the ability and opportunity to interact with your target audience in real time, no matter where they are or who they are with.

Whatever your marketing goals are, whether it’s to attract more traffic, generate leads or increase sales, 2017 brings you new opportunity to do just that! It all starts with a plan.


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