Make This Autumn…Awesome!


Maybe it’s the crispness in the air or the pumpkin spice everywhere we turn, but it’s got us thinking! Have you thought of how to make this Autumn awesome for your business? Fall is an ideal time to promote your business for a few reasons. The kids are back in school, people are home from end of summer vacations and most are ready for a fresh start! This means opportunity for you!

  1. Instagram It! Better yet, invite your customers to post pictures of themselves engaged in their favorite fall activities (football, apple picking, decorating, etc.). Create a custom hashtag and offer a free gift, discount or prize for anyone who uploads.
  2. Give Back! With Thanksgiving approaching, now is an opportune time to give back to your local food pantry. Perhaps email your customers or take to social media offering them a discount when they bring in a food item to donate. Don’t forget to document your journey from the collection to the donation drop off on your social media.
  3. Sponsor a Team! With fall sports kicking into high gear, why not support young athletes in a way that fits your business. For example, if you run a restaurant, make your establishment the official pregame meal spot or postgame hangout for players and their families. If you sell clothing, perhaps sponsor a team which includes your logo on their uniforms?
  4. Festivals, Festivals Everywhere! One of the best parts of autumn is the fall themed festivals. Why not get involved? Find out how you can set up a booth or sponsor an event.
  5. Celebrate Your Own Holidays! What we mean is that just because Halloween and Thanksgiving tend to get all of the glory, doesn’t mean that you can’t create a day of your own. Why not “Sweater Saturday” or “Pumpkin Appreciation Day”? The possibilities are endless with this one and could go a long way in the social media world. Think about it!
  6. Trick or Treat Yourself! Reach out to your top customers or perhaps your chamber of commerce and invite them to a fall themed event with appetizers, a fall discount or even a giveaway! What a great way to generate extra buzz!
  7. Be Thankful! Aside from offering deals and giveaways, Thanksgiving is a time for reflection, family and gratefulness. Show your customers that you care but sending out “Thank You” cards or emails.
  8. For the Love of Football! Have your employees wear jerseys on game days or post competitive polls on your social media.
  9. Fall Can Mean Big Spending! With all of the holidays coming up, it should come as no surprise that consumers can get a bit “spendy” during the fall season. Be sure to offer them the opportunity to spend on your product or service. Market your Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals heavily. Perhaps even make a social media event out of them.
  10. Get Ready for Winter! We don’t like to mention winter this early, but like it or not, it’s coming! So we suggest using the fall season to lock down your winter season preparations. Prepare your social media content and overall marketing strategy and you’ll be ready for an easy seasonal transition.

We hope that these ideas will help you to kick off an awesome Autumn season with a full content calendar of fun, value and ways to engage with your customers. Make social media a big part of your strategy this season.

Happy Fall!


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