Handshakes…Are They a Lost Art?


I’m writing this from my perspective…as a millennial. In my field of work, I feel that anytime you meet with someone, talk business or close a deal, a handshake not only solidifies the mutual trust between myself and the client, but it also serves as a nonverbal “thank you”. But is the handshake a lost art? What does your handshake say about you?

With the rise of social media, some professionals tend to forget the value of face-to-face networking which includes the knowledge and understanding of a genuine handshake. I’ve met with clients who have said that a poor handshake is a “deal breaker”. Think about that! I believe that there really is an art to a proper handshake. When you understand it and do it in a proper fashion, you exude confidence. It also makes a killer first impression. A handshake can tell you a lot about another person. It’s an engaging gesture and can connect two individuals on a personal level.

When it comes to a handshake, think firm (not a death grip). Make eye contact and appear to be relaxed. From a millennial standpoint, we are not all fist bumps and high fives. But I do believe that the art of the handshake is something that needs to be taught from a young age. My five year old son even understands a handshake and what it means. I hope that the value of a handshake will continue to be a traditional greeting.

Let’s come together and vow to keep the tradition of the handshake alive! Whether you’re meeting new people, catching up with an old acquaintance, at a sporting event, the list goes on and on….social events are the perfect place!

Crystal Zehnle, Digital Marketing Manager 


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