Brand Loyalty & You Part 1

brand loyalty survey.jpg

Today’s hot topic is brand loyalty! Just how loyal are you to brands or even companies for that matter? Are you willing to make the switch to a different brand? What would it take? Or are you sold on your favorite brands/companies and you’ll stay with them no matter what a competitor offers you?

Rumor has it that consumers are no longer brand loyal. We beg to differ! It’s very well-known that millennials can be a difficult market to reach. How millennials spend their cash should be top of mind for any business dealing with consumers. They remain a key customer base. How is brand loyalty earned in today’s society? There are a few key factors.

First, brand loyalty is very important to today’s consumers. Product quality, customer service and brand support are key factors. What about a companies ability to give back to society or various causes? Does that have an impact on your decision to do business with a brand or company? Unfortunately for some, those “old school” advertising beliefs and tactics are no longer working. Now is the time for companies to really rethink the way they market their products or services to not only build trust, but loyalty.

We want to hear from you. Put yourself in the everyday consumer’s shoes. You’re being targeted left and right with various advertising and messages. How does that affect you? How loyal are you to brands?

Take our quick, fun survey (Brand Loyalty and You) and you could win a $15 Starbucks gift card! Next week in part two of our Brand Loyalty series, we’ll share our results and what they could mean to you!



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