Tips to Get Social at Events


Get Social at Events.jpg

Summer is officially in session and we’re looking forward to all of the events that come with fun in the sun! Do you remember when (back in the stone age) we were asked to turn off our mobile devices at events? Well now it’s just the opposite! People attending events are encouraged to get social! We’ve put together a list of simple tips to help you stand out as an event host and as an attendee.

Research the event prior to attending. If there is a Facebook Event, be sure to follow it. Look at the list of those planning to attend. Take a look at the event website. Find out what social media the event host uses and look for any hashtags associated with the event.

Hashtags are important! Always include a hashtag in your tweets and social media posts related to the event. Tweets with hashtags tend to get twice the engagement!

Perhaps you are the event host! Be sure to use social media to maximize your exposure. Create your own hashtag and own it. Promote your hashtag on websites, videos, print media and press releases. Be sure to use your company name or brand somewhere in the hashtag.

Join in on the conversation! If you are promoting an event, ask questions, run polls and post on a regular basis to create buzz around your event. This will help you to build online connections that you can take offline. If you are planning to attend an event, your thoughts and opinions matter. Interact by taking polls, answering questions, participating in polls and sharing exciting news.

Don’t forget to be original. Posting on social media goes beyond just quoting speakers. Don’t be afraid to share your opinions and knowledge. This helps you to become an event influencer!

Be useful. Think of what those who are unable to attend the event or are curious about the event would want to see. Include photos, videos and links to helpful information. Become a resource for anyone following the event.

Enhance the experience through live video streaming, perhaps with Facebook Live or through Snapchat and don’t forget to check-in!

If you are hosting the event, be sure to analyze your social media coverage after the event. Take a look at potential social media opportunities for your next event. See what posts received the most engagement, which hashtags were trending and make sure to implement them next time.

Following these simple steps is an easy way to give any event added boost and the best part is that most of them are free! Have a safe a fun summer and don’t forget to get social!

In what ways do you interact on social media at events? Have you recently attended an event and paid attention to social media in relation to the event! Share your experience with us in the comments section. 


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