Celebrate Memorial Day with Customer Service Extras


Today is Memorial Day, the day when the United States people honor those who sacrificed their lives for our country. Over time, the holiday became known as the unofficial kick off of summer. So for businesses, this presents a unique opportunity for you to not only honor the holiday, but also to show some extra customer appreciation.

If you work in retail, the restaurant business or family entertainment, chances are that you are not only open on Memorial Day, but perhaps you have some great plans in place for a special promotion. If not, don’t worry. We have you covered with some helpful marketing tips to commemorate Memorial Day and to kick off your summer season!

  1. Build anticipation by informing your customers ahead of time. Perhaps run an informative ad on tv. A fifteen second spot will do, saving you money, giving you extra frequency and informing the public! Of course, this can’t be done last minute, so plan far ahead for the creative and implementation of your commercial. If tv isn’t in the budget, take to social media and your email list and let everyone know about your upcoming event. Don’t forget to encourage everyone to share!
  2. Memorial Day is a time when Military personnel and veterans are honored and often times given gifts. You can do the same in your own business. Think small tokens of appreciation such as free meals, drinks, discounts or souvenirs.
  3. Social media plays a big part in Memorial Day observance. Create your own Memorial Day hashtag and encourage your customers to take photos, check-in on Facebook, or share what Memorial Day means to them and include your hashtag. It’s low cost and when done effectively, it works!
  4. Decorations are a simple way to show that you are observing Memorial Day and any holiday for that matter. Think patriotic colors and be creative. Besides flags and balloons, why not change your logo colors for the day on your social media and website?
  5. Memorial Day weekend is one of the top weekends for outdoor activity. It’s a time for picnics and BBQ’s. Perhaps have a festival of your own. You could hire a live band, offer free hotdogs and set up some games! Offer contests and giveaways and exclusive Memorial Day deals.
  6. Don’t forget about the kids! Most parents want to keep their small children away from the emotional side of Memorial Day, therefore kid-friendly activities are often a factor in choosing a place to go. Rent a bounce house, set up a patriotic craft or hand out miniature American flags for them to wave!
  7. Don’t forget to ask your customers for feedback. Take to social media, post a questionnaire and find out what they wish to see more of when it comes to promotions or their overall thoughts on your Memorial Day promotion.

Today is Memorial Day and while it’s last minute for some, you can still implement some fun into your day! We hope that you will utilize these marketing tips for Memorial Day and beyond.


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