Mastering Pinterest Part 2


Last week in Mastering Pinterest Part 1, we discussed the top features that Pinterest offers for businesses and why this popular social media platform has continued to grow. This week in Part 2, we are sharing the best practices for everyday Pinterest use to not only help you stand out, but also grow your business.

Why add Pinterest to your marketing mix? To increase website traffic, of course! Aside from driving web traffic to your Pinterest page, it is also important to pin compelling, useful and industry related content to your boards to get visitors to stick around. We’re here to help you get started.

  1. Sign-Up  This may seem obvious, but start by creating your Pinterest business account. Business accounts differ from personal accounts in that you are given access to handy analytics. If you have a personal account, that you wish to switch to a business account, you can do that!
  2. Think “Pin-Worthy” Pinterest users are attracted to bright, fun and colorful images. Keep in mind that vertical images work better than horizontal images. If you’re creating your own images for Pinterest, be sure to be consistent by using images that are on-brand and high quality.
  3. The Pin-it Button Be sure to install a “pin-it” button on your website to allow for your visitors to easily pin your images and content to their own Pinterest boards. Check your website settings or contact your administrator for this option.
  4. Create Pinterest Boards Think of topics that are relevant to your business and worthy of a Pinterest board. Think of what would interest your target audience. Some boards can be directly related to your business where others can be full of interesting and fu content.
  5. Content Content Content Remember that while you want to pin content from your website to your Pinterest, that not everyone will find that interesting. So it’s important to branch out and find relevant content to include from other resources. Search for and add content that supports or enhances your cause.
  6. Pin Often Like any other social media platform, Pinterest needs a strategy. What does this mean to you? Pinterest takes commitment, planning and regular updating. The best part is that it’s very easy to maintain. Try pinning everyday by finding interesting and relevant posts from the profiles that you follow as well as content that you search for.
  7. Get the App Install the Pinterest app on your phone so that you can pin on the go!

Are you using Pinterest for your business? Let us know why you love it and share your account so that we can follow you. Don’t forget to follow Rethink Media Group


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