Embrace the #Hashtag


They’re everywhere; TV Advertisements, billboards, social media, apparel and even bumper stickers. You may even hear some of the young generation using them in sentences as they speak. What are we referring to? Hashtags!

Not only are hashtags here to stay as a way to carry on conversations with a specific audience, but today business owners have a golden opportunity to send a message quickly and across many social media platforms. Interested? We took an in-depth look at hashtags and how you can incorporate them into your social media routine.

It goes without saying that hashtags are one of the most powerful social media tools around! With the use of a hashtag (or hashtags) you can link your post to a group of others who are interested in the same topic. While hashtags were originally introduced as a Twitter tool, they can now be used on a variety of social media platforms.


Use the “#” symbol before a selected keyword or phrase. This categorizes your post, allowing it to appear in searches for the said topic. You can use them before, during or after your post text. It doesn’t matter where they are as long as they are there! Do remember that your hashtags will not appear if your account is set to private. And choose hashtags that are easy to remember.


Some users tend to overdo it when it comes to adding hashtags. Twitter recommends no more than two hashtags per tweet. Think of this as a general rule for all of your social media posts. If you choose to use more than two, make sure that they are relevant and terms that you feel would be searched in relation to the topic that you are posting.


As a company, you should come up with a signature hashtag to represent your business. This helps to strengthen your brand and drive customer awareness. Can you think of a company signature hashtag that stands out to you? Have you noticed that signature hashtag in other spots besides online? Placing your signature hashtag on your marketing materials, a heavily trafficked location can drive the use of your hashtag among the public.



Just one simple hashtag can improve both reach and engagement among your customer base! If you need help finding trending hashtags, there are tools to help you with that. Try websites such as hastagify.me! Just type in the topic and you’ll be served ten hashtags that are trending in relation. Are you ready to increase the odds of your business being discovered? Start using hashtags today!



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