Oh Snap! Snapchat for Businesses


Today’s blog is inspired by our own Crystal Zehnle, her younger siblings and their friends.

“Every time I’m around them, they are always using Snapchat. Seeing the younger demographic and it’s obsession with this app has me curious about it’s potential for businesses.”

We’ve been asked before and we’ve even considered setting Snapchat up for our business. Is Snapchat relevant in the business world? How can it benefit our business as well as yours? We started doing some digging for information and here is what we found.

Not every business needs to be on Snapchat, but if you are targeting young people, then it is time for you to take notice. Snapchat initially begin as a person-to-person picture texting app where the images would disappear within seconds. Those days are long gone and it has now evolved into a one-to-MANY app where users can send videos, stories, pictures and even chat conversations. Snapchat’s average user age group is 13 to 34. And guess what! It’s used by over 100 million people!

Snapchat is still experimenting with advertising. Be sure to check out the Discover tab. Big brands of today are paying BIG dollars to advertise on Snapchat. Users have the ability to share photos, videos or a mix of the two and to top it all off, there are fonts, filters, digital crayons and more. It’s definitely a fun experience! Unlike the more “traditional” social media platforms, Snapchat can be a little more difficult to figure out and master.

Like Instagram, Snapchat is a great way to give followers an insight into life behind the scenes of your company. Many brands use it to promote behind the scenes glimpses into photoshoots, product launches, music videos and more. It’s easy for viewers to find and watch life behind the curtain of their favorite brands. Perhaps, you feel inspired to do the same? It’s easy to set up your account and start exploring.

Snapchat can be time-consuming for business owners, which is why many are choosing to delegate their accounts to one person or department. It is the most casual social media platform out there. It’s important to remember that users want to see people having fun. Remember whether you’re operating the account yourself or if you’ve assigned someone to the task, to keep it upbeat! Also keep it short! Videos and images are limited to ten seconds of viewing.

Adding followers can be a difficult task. It is important for users to know and recall your full username. When it comes to small businesses, Snapchat can’t stand alone. You must promote it across all of your social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Snapchat can make an impact when used correctly through it’s real-time marketing capability.

Are you ready to give Snapchat a try? Are you currently using Snapchat? We want to hear about your experience! 






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