Social Media Strategy Part 1: The Why


So you want to get noticed, huh? A perfectly planned social media strategy is just what you need and we’ll tell you how to achieve just that! We are going to walk you through the importance of a social media strategy and how to get started.

Is a social media strategy really that important? To answer your question directly, absolutely! Social media has revolutionized the marketing world and it’s important now more than ever that you jump on the bandwagon. In today’s age, it takes more than SEO to generate online traffic. With so many people using smart phones and tablets, the digital world is now everywhere and it goes without saying that social media use has skyrocketed as one of the main forms of communication.

Social Media isn’t just a fad. It’s here to stay! All of the popular social media sites are mobile friendly or have an app of their own. So today’s users can check their statuses, scroll through their newsfeeds and pin their favorite recipes all while on the go. Thanks to this convenience, instant gratification and the fact the news changes by the minute, engagement across social media platforms is never going to end. The real question is, how is it going to change? And what do you need to do stay on trend with social media users? Almost every successful marketer is using social media to reach their target market.

Social media is easy and inexpensive. You don’t need a big budget to get started! Granted as time goes by and your viewership increases, you may decide to start boosting posts or you may even hire a full-time social media marketing firm or employee. What’s great about social media is that it is super simple to set up. Now that you know just how important social media is, next week in part two, we will discuss how to compile your social media strategy and marketing plan.


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