I have Facebook likes….now what?


You’ve built your Facebook page. You’ve probably boosted a post or two. You are posting content on regular basis. Your Facebook likes are growing. The question on a lot of our minds is “How on earth do I turn my Facebook likes into actual revenue?” If you have ever had this question pass through your mind, then this information may be just what you are looking for. We have a few tips for you to turn your likes into customers.

Facebook fans want to feel appreciated. Why not offer a “Fan Only” discount or coupon? Create a special deal or promo code which you post to your Facebook page. Encourage your fans to print the coupon to bring into the store, show you the coupon on their phone or visit your website and apply a promo code. The exclusivity of such an offer may generate the activity you are looking for as you grow your likes. You can plan your coupons around specific store events, holidays (i.e. Presidents Day) or any time you are looking for an extra boost in sales. Speaking of “boost”, you might consider boosting your coupon offer to gain new Facebook fans.

Another great way to interact with your Facebook followers is to post “How to Use a Product” posts. Show your fans what you or your product lines can do for them. Do you have a product or service that no one else in your area has? Brag about it! Grab your phone and take a quick picture or video, upload it to your page and capture the attention of your audience. Do this on a regular basis and you may turn some of your likes into revenue.

Take your followers behind the scenes! Are you working on a project that’s out of the ordinary? Are you giving back to a local charity or event? Do you have a new product line that may be “coming soon”? Take to social media to spread the word and invite your audience to come behind the scenes by posting photos and videos of what’s going on. This is a great tie-in for any company who isn’t already using Instagram. Instagram is a great tool to capture photos and video snippets for any business. You can link your Instagram account directly to your Facebook for a constant feed from behind the scenes.

Customer testimonials are your secret weapon! Do you have a success story that you just can’t wait to share? Did you get a five star review on your Facebook page or website? Share it! As consumers, it’s hard to resist word of mouth feedback. Facebook is the perfect outlet for you to spread the word. If you have a customer who is willing to give a video testimonial, take advantage of that opportunity! Grab your phone (do you see a trend here?) and shoot a short video of their testimonial and upload. It’s as simple as that!

Whether your business is large or small, building fan numbers is only half of the battle. Once you have the fans, the next step is to turn them into revenue. We hope that these tips will give you a great starting point. Remember to be authentic, be engaged, respond promptly and to use photos and videos.

Do you have any revenue generating social media tricks? Feel free to share! 



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