Giving Your Page a “Boost”


A common question that we are always asked is “How do I increase my Facebook likes?” While there are many ways of doing so, one that we always recommend is boosting a post. In honor of our five year anniversary, we’ve decided to give this a try so that we can share our thoughts from personal experience.

You may have noticed that your newsfeed has become crowded with photos, quizzes, status updates and ads……the endless scroll is what we like to call it! Boosting is a simple way to breakthrough the newsfeed clutter that may be preventing your audience from seeing your posts. The good news is that it doesn’t have to break the bank!

Any content that you post can be boosted to reach additional Facebook users. You get to choose your own budget. It can be as little as $5, though we recommend spending at least $20. Reaching more of your followers is a big perk of boosting, but it is also shared with friends of your followers or you can target Facebook users based on specific interests. When we launched our “Coffee on Us” campaign, we set out to find Facebook users relevant to the marketing world and of course anyone else who might be interested in what we have to share.

To give you an idea, here is the criteria that we chose for boosting our giveaway post:

  • Age: 21-54
  • Gender: Both Male & Female
  • Interests: Digital Marketing, Graphic Design, Public Relations, Brand, Online Advertising, Business and Industry, Advertising, Marketing
  • Location: United States
  • Duration: 7 Days

Are you ready to regain lost organic search for a reasonable cost? We hope that this has gotten your creative wheels turning for your own boosted post. If you still are not sure where to begin or what to boost, a great place to begin is launching a giveaway. After all, who doest like free stuff? Boosting key posts can be an effective method to increase engagement and reach for important content and topics. Get started by clicking “Boost” on the bottom right corner of the Facebook post of your choice! And if you love coffee, don’t forget to enter our “Coffee on Us Giveaway”!

Have you boosted posts? Were you happy with your results? Did you see an increase in likes? 




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