The Marketing Potential of Instagram: Part Two


Last week in Part One we shared introductory information about Instagram, how it works as well as the huge marketing potential available. We hope that we were able to inspire you to take the leap into the Instagram world and sign up for a free account. When you use Instagram marketing in the right ways, you could have an instant marketing (sometimes viral) success. Use Instagram to visually tell the story of your company or brand, plus instantly engage with your followers no matter where they are.

Now that Instagram is owned by Facebook, it goes without saying that the potential to reach your target market through social media has vastly increased. The power is right in the palm of your hand! But where do you begin? We have the scoop on paid Instagram marketing, what you need to know and how it ties in with Facebook.

In The Newsfeed

Your paid Instagram ads will appear in peoples’ Instagram feeds along with images shared by friends, family or any accounts that they follow. You may have noticed this happening now in your own newsfeed. Just look for the “sponsored” tag and you can see which companies are using the paid Instagram marketing services. Choose from photo, video and even carousel ads.


Instagram advertising can be highly targeted to reach your ideal demographic. There are thousands of categories available to target your potential customer or audience. From age, education level, income, job industry, various interests and online behavior just to name a few, you can choose and create your ideal customer profile. With Facebook and Instagram, you can even geo-target. Are you looking for customers in specific zip code, county or even a radius from your location? You can do that as well! Include a “call now” or “get directions” button for added effectiveness and as a way to measure the activity generated from your campaign.

Our Experience

Not only did we want to share this information with you, but we are also embarking on our own journey into the Instagram world. Within just a few days of launching our account, we were able to watch our following increase. We are experimenting with various hashtags, image filters, types of photos, etc. Stay tuned for a follow-up on our firsthand experience.

We hope that this information gets your creative wheels turning! For further inspiration on Instagram marketing, we found this great article which features some of the top companies and their marketing creative. With Instagram’s enhanced ad formats and targeting options, you can drive the results that you care about! Advertisers of all sizes are seeing results and you can too!


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