“Rethink” Your Digital Strategy in 2016



As an advertiser, you probably have several resolutions for the coming year. But you could be missing the most important of all: retargeting! After the holiday hustle and bustle, plus increase in revenue, your digital marketing strategy is more important than ever. With the right message, imagery and targeting options, retargeting can be very helpful for your overall digital strategy. Now is the time to take advantage of all of the web traffic that you may have experienced during the holiday season.

Retargeting will help you capture leads from visitors who have recently visited your website, but didn’t convert. You may ask; what does it mean to convert? It’s simple! What goal do you have for those who visit your website? Do you want them to complete a shopping transaction? Fill out a credit application?   View a certain product line? It can be anything! It’s important to remember that only 2% of those who visit your website the first time will convert. That’s 98% of your web traffic that needs to be redirected to your website and encouraged to convert. Think about it!

How does Retargeting work? When someone visits your site, a cookie is dropped and eventually they will leave your site to visit another. Based on the keywords chosen for your campaign (up to 500)  and the availability of ad space on the sites they visit, your ad will appear. This entire process is automated and literally occurs in a fraction of a second. You may have noticed yourself being retargeted as you shopped the web. Was there a specific item that you were shopping for this holiday season? You may have noticed that item reappearing in the ad space on other sites as you browsed. You were being retargeted!
Launching your own retargeting campaign is easy! All that it takes is a little help from you in identifying your target customer. We take the information that you share with us, choose the best keywords, generate your retargeting ads and put your campaign into action. Whether your retarget through the world wide web or social media, we have the scoop on how to retarget your customers in the coming year. The real question is how will you make retargeting a part of your marketing success in 2016? Even if you’re skeptical, it’s far too valuable for you not to at least give it a try! “Rethink” your digital strategy in 2016!




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