Rewarding Your Customers in 2016


Rewarding customers for their loyalty is a marketing principle that has been around for a long time. Perhaps you have a stack of rewards cards to area businesses or you even add a “punch” to your card at your favorite coffee shop or restaurant. As a business owner, the future of rewarding your customers holds a realm of possibilities.

With a punchcard, it’s near impossible to track the spending habits of your customers. Have you considered a loyalty app?

What is a Loyalty App? 

The principle is quite simple! It’s an app that offers mobile coupons, incentives or reminders to those who frequent your business. You have two options, have a developer create an app from scratch or take advantage of a selection of loyalty apps that are readily available.

It’s All in the Benefits

Have you ever tried your own email blast? Loyalty apps are typically a much more effective marketing tool. Think about it! How many of your customers now carry smart phones? Your business can be right in the palm of their hand! You can directly contact your customers in regards to sales, specials or anything pertinent that you wish communicate with your target audience. Push notifications tend to be opened more frequently than emails. Customers who opt to download your app will typically associate your “pushes” with new deals. Many customers will modify their shopping habits to maximize the use of their rewards. They will soon understand that the more they utilize your business, the more rewards that they will receive.

Is It Right for Me?

Chances are that the answer is yes! If you are an auto dealer, offer incentives on those who utilize your oil change service. Why not throw in a free carwash to your mobile app users? If you own a furniture store, incentivize with discounts or free pillows when your customers show you their mobile offer. The possibilities are truly endless and will always make for happy customers. And who doesn’t want that?

What Do You Recommend? 

You’ve heard the phrase “There’s an app for that!” and in this case, choosing a mobile loyalty app depends on the type of business and target customer. Here are just a few of our favorites:

Loyal Tap 




At Rethink, we strive to help you communicate with your customers through all kinds of media outlets. And we are always looking for new opportunities! We hope that this concept has gotten the wheels turning for your 2016 marketing plan.



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