It’s Coming….Black Friday? Are You Ready?

Have you launched your Black Friday campaign yet? If not, stop what you are doing! Whether we’re ready or not, like a whirlwind, the holiday advertising and shopping season is upon us! All types of businesses, from the big box retailers, to “mom and pop” shops, automobile dealers and more are gearing up for what we hope will be a successful season. Here are some simple tips and tricks for you to “rethink” your holiday campaign.

  1. STRATEGIZE Take a look at last year’s data and even your Google Analytics to see what drove the most traffic to your business.
  2. MESSAGE Keep your message simple! Be short, sweet and to the point with your offers and discounts! After all, that’s what the shoppers are after, right?
  3. SALE Have you thought about extended your sale beyond Black Friday or even try a Pre-Black Friday sale!
  4. GET SOCIAL Take your offers to social media! It’s easy and affordable! Don’t forget the appropriate hashtags!
  5. DEMOGRAPHIC Target millennials!
  6. GO MOBILE Think about all of the shoppers on the go this season and mobilize your website! Maybe even try a mobile offer for customers show when checking out.
  7. HIRE HELP Be sure to have plenty of knowledgeable and motivated staff scheduled ahead of time.
  8. ANTICIPATE Over prepare! Try to anticipate and be ready for anything!
  9. DATES Black Friday is no longer a one day deal! There are those businesses that open Thanksgiving night and there’s always Cyber Monday.
  10. ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES Don’t be afraid to get creative! Be bold and brave with your advertising and sale. Hint: We can help you with that!

We hope that these 10 tips will help you get off to great start on your holiday campaign! Think BIG and make your message so compelling that customers just can’t stay away! We wish you a happy and successful Holiday Shopping Season!


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