Where in your life do you need to stretch?

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I’m not talking about yoga! I’m talking about doing something new and it can be scary. It’s easy to talk yourself out of it but your sabotaging the opportunity to grow!

We have to get uncomfortable in order to grow. We need to sit in, roll around in it and then embrace it!! That’s the only way we keep moving forward.

Here are some steps for you to help push yourself to grow.

Find a quiet place and write down what you love to do. Don’t put any stops on your thoughts. Write it down. Everything that comes to mind that you love to do.
Now write down what others say you’re good at doing. You may have to dig for this one because we tend to remember the criticisms and forget the compliments. If you can’t come up with anything, picture a group of your friends giving you compliments. What would they say? If your friends don’t give compliments, find a new group of friends!
Next, look for overlaps. If you find you love teaching and others say you have a knack for it that may indicate a sweet spot. If you love talking with people about deep matters of life and others say you comfort them, you may have stumbled upon a future career opportunity.

Go and try something new. Nothing happens unless something happens. I don’t care what it is. Just do something.

Always keep growing,



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