Do you know your target market inside and out?

Why do the best social marketers know their target market inside and out? They tailor their marketing efforts to their customers and that is the key to success. Here’s how you can do the same:

blog pic of target market


1. Study your current customer base and ask:

  • Who are my current customers?
  • Why do they buy from me?
  • What are their common characteristics and interests?
  • Which customers bring in the most business?
  • Are there other people like them who could also benefit from my product/service?

2. Check out your competition

  • Who are your competitors targeting?
  • Who are their current customers?
  • Look for a niche market your competition may be overlooking

3. Analyze your product/service

  • Make a list of the features of your product or service
  • List the benefits of each feature
  • Make a list of people or groups who have a need that your product’s or service’s benefits fulfill

Having a grasp on your target market means you’ll be able to make the correct choices for which social media platforms will work best to reach your potential customers.

Always keep growing,





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