Is social media really worth your time?

Companies are getting connected, and they’ve discovered that social media really IS worth thier time because it reaches out to people in ways traditional marketing never could:

Blog pic of buzz worth


It builds new connections. Social media is social– it’s based on relationships. The more people you “reach” the more web traffic you create and the more leads you can generate.

It increases exposure. Video uploads, post, tweets, blog entries and mentions all cause a significant rise in SEO rankings, which feeds the number of hits you get on your Website.

It creates a buzz. As social media provides a platform for new ideas and breaks down barriers, it also increases awareness and conversations about companies, products and brands. In doing so, the media itself has gained a role in influencing people’s buying decisions.

Your customers are more likely to respond to a product or company their friends or common users recommend. Look at what your customers are doing. What pages are they visiting and their interests? That will tell you how to “talk” to them and what’s important.

Social media helps customers narrow their choices by limiting the list of alternatives to the “popular” options.

Customers have as much control over the perception of your company and/or product as you do.  Social media is “word of mouth” on steroids. It’s important to listen to your customers and see what they are saying about you. Benefit from learning to use the same tools your consumers are using. Nurture your relationship with your customers and create a brand that advocates who will do some of the selling for you!

Tip: We all want to know if social media is “getting” us anything.  Create fan only offers and coupon codes specific to one platform and then track it.

Always keep growing,




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