Social customer service.

HootSuite Media, Inc. released an article and I am going to share some of their findings with you. They are very insightful and I hope you find them helpful and put them to use!

According to MN Incite, a joint project of Nielsen and McKinsey, nearly half of all social media suers have employed social media for customer service., with usage as high as 59% among 18-24 year olds. You must provide immediate and consistent service across every social network.

Modern consumers expect a rapid response when they reach out to brands for help on social media. Edison research found that 32% of respondents who have ever sought social customer service expect a company to reply within 30 minutes, and that 42 % expect a response within 60 minutes. Consumers see response times as a direct indicator of how highly brands value their business. What is your response time set up for your company?

Are you meeting your customers social expectations? Consumers who have received customer service on social media are willing to pay 21% more for excellent service, compared to a premium of just 13% for the general population. Great news for those of you who continue to raise the customer service bar. It also validates what I have always thought, that good customer service pays off! Don’t cut corners and train your people on your expectations. I think most business owners assume employees have the same values when it comes to this but I see it over and over again. Some people just don’t get it. Customer services is many things, from a smile and greeting when you walk in the store to a pleasantry of the day. It all counts.

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Interesting enough 71% of complaints stemmed from failures in traditional customer servce. Some customers are motivated to let off steam by publicly airing their grievances, while other simply want to get a company’s attention through a different channel. Where do you customers let off steam and are you monitoring to make sure each complaint is responded to. What system do you have in place to achieve that?

Share some of the best and worst customer experiences you have had and let’s continue to help share how it really is.
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