Have you set your social media goals?

When it comes to social media I think most of us scratch our heads because we don’t know where to start and what is the best form of social media to use. 

We are all looking for ways to connect with our customers and see what they want and what makes them engage with your page. There are 3 ways to get your customers active on your Facebook/google+site.

1. Load database

2. Be sure all communications (emails/web blasts/newsletters) sat “Help us out & like us on Facebook”

3. Use all social media platforms to ask for likes. 

If you’re looking for other social media platforms you will find this interesting:

  • 61% of businesses get customers from Linked-in
  • 55% report getting business from Blogs
  • 41% report getting business from Facebook
  • 39% report getting business from Twitter

It’s best to test your options and see where you get the most feedback and what works the best for your business. It’s not a one size fits all and it can take a crazy amount of time if you try to use all of them and it won’t be as effective. 

More stats: Blog 1/week, Tweet 1-3/week and Facebook/Google+ 3-5/week.  

You need to have a social media strategy and choose the 4-5 platforms that you can be active with what will generate the most leads for your business.  List action steps going forward for your social media plans. Create a social media calendar of what will be posted, tweeted, blogged each day/week etc. Have a social media policy for employees to protect the company in case of natter (negative chatter).  Have you heard of this term before? It was a first for me! 

Social media can be overwhelming but you will get there!

Always keep growing,



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