No easy way!

I grew up poor. We didn’t have extra cash lying around and wondering where to take the family vacation was never a topic of discussion. Our “vacations” consisted of camping with family. Even though I bitched and moaned when I was younger I would not trade one of those memories or experiences for anything. We just got back from another wonderful Disney vacation and I did a lot of reflecting on this trip. We work very hard to make trips like this possible and to be able to spend family time together.

Our parents taught us we had to work hard for what we wanted, that nothing was going to be given to us so don’t expect anything unless you work your ass off for it. That was and is still absolutely true. I have been given opportunities in my life but I have made the most of every one of them. It took me some time and wading through deep waters to figure my path in life but once I did I worked harder then anybody else at anything I did. I was always trying to prove something to myself and to my family.

Working hard is something I am used to and when I look back at some of the jobs I had growing up a smile comes across my face. Not sure why other then to say that I did it but I think down deep it’s because we did this as a family. It was something we all understood just had to get done. I had many jobs growing up but one I will never forget is mowing a cemetery. We made $75 and it took several hours. Here’s the break down for our family of 5. My mom would mow with the rider, my dad would weed eat; my brother, sister and I would use the push mower, all for $75 bucks. We didn’t give it a second thought. We DE tasseled corn, picked tree roots out of cornfields, anything that would earn us a dollar. I believe it’s these life lessons and they were life lessons that gave me the drive I have.

Life lessons aren’t always fun when your going through them but we always seem to come out stronger on the other end when that time passes.

I would love to hear what kind of jobs you did when you were growing up! Please feel free to elaborate how those jobs made you who you are today.


Always keep growing,






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