Driven or bitchy?

Growing up most of us were raised to be “nice,” encouraged to be a “good,” little girl and praised for playing well with others.

Then we grow up and enter high school, which was torture for me, and then the workplace and all that changes. We do what’s expected of us but learn very fast we can’t be too assertive or two passive. So is there middle ground?

When you’re running your own business we have to protect our clients and sometimes that’s dealing with unpleasant issues on their behalf. That’s what they pay us for. They don’t care how it get’s done as long as it does. That’s our attitude. Let’s just figure it out. But if we want people to “like us” and not speak poorly about how we “behave” we are always asking, “does that sound too bitchy?”  Our delivery methods are always professional but we still worry. We are simply taking care of business. So why do we care so much?

I have heard my entire sales career that it’s business not personal and not until I was much older did I understand that is completely true, for most of us. For the rest it’s personal and there’s nothing you can do about it. You have a choice, don’t make it personal just solve the problem and move forward. Don’t be a mean girl; our success depends on it.

Always keep growing,





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