Don’t take our word for it.


Wouldn’t it be great if we could hire someone to walk around to be a walking testimonial for our work! Since that’s not likely an option we have to rely on our clients to do that for us.

We do a good job and maybe just maybe they will tell someone they know.

There are certain things you want to find out before doing business with that vendor or firm.  I found a great article from about what to ask if you are seeking services from a referral.

I think of the most important questions is the first one. It gives the prospective client a window to what it was like before you hired your vendor and allows them to see the potential of how they could benefit your business.

What to ask

• What was it like before they used your services? This is what’s known as “defining the problem.” It could be their previous provider constantly went over-budget and that led to a cash flow crisis for your client. Or it could be that your client was tired of the tried-and-true and wanted a fresh approach.

• What was it like working with you? You can lead them through this by talking about some specific things you did for them and then just asking them what they thought or felt about it as it was happening. Also be sure to ask if your client was initially skeptical about working with you—it’s always a little scary to invest in a new provider, so what were some of their concerns and then how were those concerns assuaged?

• What specific results did they get from using your product/service? This part is critical. The more specific, the better. “Sales went up 38% per month” is far more compelling than “Business improved.” Clients may also tell you that they recommend you to others, that they receive praise from their own clients or family/ friends, or that they just feel more confident. All of these results are proof of the value of your service. Be sure to refer back to “what was life like before you used our services?” to see how the problem was resolved. Don’t be afraid to ask about how people feel instead of focusing only on tangible results; often people value their emotional well-being as much as more concrete considerations.

Don’t take testimonials for granted. Use them wisely and be sure to send a hand written thank you note to your client for their generosity!

Always keep growing,



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