Cold calling is not dead!

Phone pic

Full disclosure, I make cold calls. It’s not something most people like to do but I love it.  When my phone isn’t ringing, I’m not going to wait for it to ring. If there’s someone I want to reach I’m going to make the call. It’s that easy!

The biggest change is how to go about it. With tools like Google, LinkedIn, Google Plus and many others there’s no reason not to profile who you are calling. Know the persons name!

Cold calling 101 basics:

  • Focus on target market
  • Have a CRM system or Excel spread sheet to track
  • Foot canvasing-bring something to leave behind
  • Phone Canvassing
  • Watch your caller ID description
  • Block out a time every week- at leat 8 hours
  • It’s still a numbers game 80/20 rule- 8 people will not be interested yet 2 will be!
  • Need to nurture the lead to sale

Good news : It is all a numbers game!!

  • Only 1 in 10 dials will have success in a connection
  • Only 1 in 4 calls will have any short term success
  • You need to dial the phone 40 times to come away with a lead. You need to find your own number.

The Potential of cold calling:

It’s worth making an effort to see cold calling in a different way for both personal and business success.

Why does cold calling hold so much potential?

Cold calling

  1. positions you in a crucial role
  2. is the key to new opportunities
  3. empowers you to define and determine and take control of your own future.

Work smarter not harder!

Always keep growing,



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