Do your radio ads work?

At one point or another we have this conversation with every client. Does radio really work? Radio advertising doesn't often get the respect it deserves but when done correctly is an effective advertising medium. It has the ability to capture the imagination, build a brand and more importantly,  lead to a sale. Here are some… Continue reading Do your radio ads work?


Where did my Mojo go?

In case you missed it.

Rethink out of the Box

I am the type of person that can typically motivate myself. I don’t need to listen to daily motivational podcasts to keep me going. Although I do listen because I believe we benefit from hearing inspiring words, especially when you own your business. We need to know there are others out there that are going through the same daily struggles and it’s good to know we are not alone.  Somehow I find comfort in that.

When your lacking motivation it’s easy to just get through the day.  There are days when I ask myself, where did my Mojo go? I have read several articles on entrepreneurs and find this to be a trait for most of us. That and we don’t like to be bossed!  Doesn’t it make you feel better to know that we all go through it? It does for me. I used to think, what is wrong…

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What are you waiting for?

For weeks I have been going back and forth about doing a blog. I knew what I wanted the blog to be about (mostly) but I'm not a writer or pretend to be one. I came up with every reason under the sun on why we should hire someone who was more experienced. Then I… Continue reading What are you waiting for?